DURA-SEAL Ceramics Paint Protection

DURA-SEAL ceramic paint protection

DURA-SEAL ceramic paint protection forms a durable scratch reducing finish which bonds (polymerises) permanently to your vehicles clear coat.

Prestige Auto Valet is an approved provider of DURA-SEAL.

Get a long-term showroom finish & lifetime warranty with DURA-SEAL.

Protect the paint work on your new car with DURA-SEAL and Prestige Auto Valet.

By forming an invisible barrier between the paintwork and the elements, DURA-SEAL ceramic paint protection protects your vehicle’s paintwork against the harsh effects and damage caused by acid rain, sea salt, bird droppings, tree sap, and reducing the effects of UV rays by helping to keep the automotive clear coat intact. You will never have to wax or polish your vehicle again!

DURA-SEAL Features

  • Your vehicle is easy to wash
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Protection against bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain and many other contaminates
  • No need to wax or polish your vehicle
  • Environmentally friendly: contains no harsh wash products and no conservers required.
  • Recognised by many insurance companies
  • Guaranteed for a lifetime of ownership
NOTE: DURA-SEAL can only be applied by trained professionals and is not available to the public. An inspection of your vehicle must be carried out by a Prestige Auto Valet staff member before application of DURA-SEAL to ensure the surface will bond appropriately.


New Car

$ 695
  • Permanent ceramic coating on exterior.

Used Car

$ 895
  • Permanent ceramic coating on exterior.

How can DURA-SEAL Ceramic Paint Protector protect your car?

DURA-SEAL ceramic paint protection

PAINT CROSS SECTION. Magnified Cross Section of New Unprotected Paintwork.

DURA-SEAL ceramic paint protection

CONTAMINATION. Road film, dirt and other atmospheric pollutants attack and corrode the surface of your paintwork.

DURA-SEAL ceramic paint protection

DURA-SEAL Paint Protector creates a durable protective skin with a silky high gloss finish.

DURA-SEAL ceramic paint protection

PERMANENT SMOOTH SEAL. Pollutants, bird droppings, grime and dirt are repelled, no longer contaminating your paint.

DURA-SEAL ceramic paint protection

GET YOUR VEHICLE PROTECTED. Contact us and book your DURA-SEAL ceramic paint protection today!

Other DURA-SEAL services

DURA-SEAL Interior Protection

Dura-Seal interior protection, for the best interior protection for carpets mats & seats.

  • Protects against staining & discoloration caused by spills & everyday use.
  • Helps fabrics and leathers to maintain that new look for longer.
  • Stain release properties, save time when cleaning.
  • Prevents premature aging of the leather.
Guaranteed for a lifetime of ownership including accidental leather damage.

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